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web positioning google

1. Definition

A seo Google is the inscription of Internet site in the data bases of Google, major search engine on the Internet ...

2. Issues

Web positioning on Google is strategic to increase the visibility of his Web site and thus to increase the traffic of manner qualified and targeted with million of users of Google ...

3. Aim

Referencing on Google has as a function to make known your offers by the means of your Web site in order to propose your solutions. Your sales turnover will progress thus ...

4. Advice

Web positioning on Google of Internet site archetypal is that which will take account of the councils of the Google engine. These councils will allow to distinguish it compared to the other stakeholders ...

5. Campaign SEO

Website promotion Campaign on Google will be an effective, relevant, and optimal referencing if that creates you a qualified traffic on your Internet site and that your visit is transformed into act of purchase ...

6. Audit

A seo Google is worthy of one web promotion analyzis in order to allow to understand the environment, to detect the obstacles and factors blocking with your web positioning, and finally to recommend the solutions of optimization ...

7. Optimization

A web positioning on Google requires in theory an optimization of your Web pages in order to position in the first pages of the answers of Google...

8. Manual

Referencing on Google requires a manual referencing compared to an automatic referencing which is perceived like spam ...

9. Follow-up & survey

Web positioning on Google must be regularly followed by the means of report of positioning in order to measure referencing. That must lead to corrective actions or complementary actions because nothing is acquired especially with the example of the filter Panda or Penguin ...

10. Trump

The secrecy of a good seo on Google of Internet site is in these recommendations of the Google’s guideline, search engine of reference. But again ! Contents of his Web site ! And finally, the update of his site because a site must be alive !
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Web positioning on Google is strategic today since it is the reference of the search engines. We propose in all our services of referencing a seo on Google.

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